The object of any ebook device is the same, but the steps for getting there vary.  You will first need to download the Overdrive Media Console that is compatible with your device.   For further assistance, you can use the help menu at the FuelYourMind Digital Collection website, which is available to our patrons through Overdrive, click on “My Help.”  You will then follow a list of options based on whether you are interested in Audiobooks or ebooks and also on which specific device you are using.

When you are ready to begin borrowing ebooks from the collection, you will need to log in to your account by clicking “sign in” on the main FuelYourMind Collection page, choosing “Reese Unity District Library” from the dropdown menu, then using your patron card number.  For Overdrive, however, the number is slightly different than that which is on the back of your card.  Overdrive requires a 4-digit number, preceded by the letter “p.”  So, for example, if your patron number is 9999, all you would have to do is type in p9999.  If you do not already have 4 digits, insert the necessary amount of zeroes to make up the difference.  For example, if your card number is 9, type in p0009.